Cookie Policy

Mattou07 Cookie Policy page.

Here are the cookies that are currently being used on this site

Essential Cloudflare cookies (__cfduid) to prevent DDoS attacks, you can read more about Cloudflare's cookies here:

Google Analytics (GA), this is used to learn about what my readers like and how they navigate the site. This helps me provide better content.  

ARRAffinity is a cookie from Microsoft Azure. Affinity Cookies are used to aid people who need to stay with a certain instance of web app or web site in Azure. The reason for this is that we strive for statelessness, but do not always achieve it. This means that the user must stay on the particular instance that they using till they break state. This site is hosted on a Azure web app and will occasionally transition to another VM within Azure. Having the Affinity cookie will ensure you stay on the previous VM until your session is finished.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is used to help support this site and their cookies are set based on your personalised ad preferences. If you are concerned about the cookies being used by Adsense please visit this page Here Google will instruct you on how to turn off personalized ads.

How I surf the net privately (contains referral link)

I use the privacy focused browser Brave. Based off Chromium an open sourced browser project, Brave is a privacy first browser that will automatically block ads and tracking cookies. You can use my referral link to download and learn more about it: 

You can optionally sign up to Brave Rewards which will enable the browser to serve you non personalised ads. Which will earn you BAT (Basic Attention Token) a crypto currency for viewing the ads. You can then decide to sell the BAT for real money or give it to content creators you want to support. This way people who still want to consume content but not be tracked by personalised ads can still support their content creators by tipping them BAT. If you like my site and want to support it you can tip me using BAT. You can read more about it here: